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Family Service Model

Will retention and Location Verification Service:

During the years, I've noticed that clients often meet with their attorneys for task specific events. As a result, it may be ten years before you meet with them again and when it comes to finding where the will may be, you may find the law firm or party you entrusted to hold it is no longer in business or has moved. Due to this, we are offering clients the ability to give us a copy of their will and we will maintain a digital image of it and if desired we will check that the law firm holding it or other party still has it by calling them every 3 years or so. This will enable our clients to focus on what matters most, which is time with your loved ones during difficult times.

Last message or personalized video messages:

It has occurred to me that when I am in the process of contacting the relatives or friends of clients who have passed away, 99% of the time I meet with the beneficiary in person. During this time, I've noticed that the recipient at times asks me about my relationship with the person who has passed. Given the close relationship I have with my clients I am in a unique position to pass on any last messages of a personal nature which a client would like me to deliver. While this a very personal decision, I promise that if a client chooses to have us deliver a personal message we will do so to the best our ability.

With the advent of iPods and digital cameras this can be as simple as a digital file I will keep and hand over to your loved one. Or if you like I can certainly play it for them in the office. If a personal hand written sentiment better fits your desire, we can also do this on a limited basis. Please ask us for details and we will do our best to accommodate.